The Origin

“One day, i meet a driver who work for a travel agency…”

In March 2015, I went in Sri Lanka for 14 days including 10 days car with driver. We chose this solution to be able to change our room at any time according to our desires, it is undoubtedly a great success factor on this trip which was fantastic. The driver picked up at the airport, it was perfect. If you need a driver (which I recommend), it is really more ethical to find one without intermediary, because if you go through a local or in your country travel agency, be aware that the agency will pay very little your driver !

Indeed, for example, a Sri Lankan driver is paid by an agency on the basis of 40% up to 70% of cost paid by the tourist. In fact, the driver must pay for the car, the insurance, the maintenance and the fuel ! So why go through an agency, so that it contributes to a form of exploitation of drivers. The work must pay. This is why I advise you to use our search engine to find a independent driver and without intermediary.

The Mission is a type of site where product and inventory information is provided by multiple third parties. Our mission is to contribute to the fight against poverty in the world by developing and encouraging local independent driver businesses in developing countries and emerging markets. We are motivated by social impact and not by the quest for enrichment.